PLEASE consult the NEUROPSYCH EVAL Q&A PAGE to make sure you understand our process before making a referral.

We are currently calling referrals received in SEPTEMBER 2023.

Our office will call you to schedule in the order that your referrals was received.

**Oceanside is now offering peer support! See our service page for more details.

** Please note that our Psychiatry department is now accepting adult referrals. Children referrals are currently on hold until further notice.

Our Outpatient Counseling department, however, is still not accepting new referrals until further notice.

Welcome To Oceanside Community Services, LLP

Oceanside Community Services, LLP offers specialized services for treatment of children, adolescents and adults with varying behavioral, emotional and/or developmental challenges. We are located in Southern Maine and are a for-profit behavioral health organization. The Clinic’s therapeutic services offer a wide variety of therapies to the community which include individual, family and group work. We offer an integrated approach by collaborating with other external providers who offer other services such as in-home support and case management.

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